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Cast Acrylic Sheets <<PT GLAS>>
PT GLAS is the registered trademark of Lei Mei's cast acrylic sheets.
Our factory produces our acrylic sheets from 100% pure virgin MMA raw materials and utilizes a fully computerized system in our entire production process.
PT Glas is widely known in the industry for its superior quality and sets the standard for excellence for cast acrylic sheets around the world.
It is a cost-effective solution for just about every application where cast acrylic sheets are required.
Our clients are well established manufacturers of signage, display products, top end electronic products and furnitures.
PT GLAS has excellent properties :

High optical clarity :
Clear, colourless PT GLAS acrylic sheets has a luminous transmittance of 92.5%.
It is clearer than glass and will not turn yellowish under normal exposure.
Lightweight :
PT GLAS is light, having only about half the weight of glass.
Uniform thickness :
PT GLAS acrylic sheets are consistent and uniform in thickness.
Weather Resistance :
PT GLAS has excellent resistance to sunlight, as well as in extreme temperatures.
High impact resistance :
PT GLAS has greater impact strength than glass of equivalent thickness.
High rigidity :
PT GLAS has high rigidity and long durability.
Extensive and diverse range of applications :
PT GLAS can be easily heat-formed, fabricated, engraved, finished,
decorated or used for other complicated procedures.

Variety of colours :
Available in a broad range of beautiful colours and complete range of thicknesses and sizes to choose from.
Customized colours, thicknesses and sizes could also be ordered and specially manufactured.

Variety of usages :
  • Name plates
  • Signboards
  • Electronic products
  • Furnitures and store fixtures
  • Aquariums
  • Lenses and lighting fixtures
  • Display products
  • Interior decoration materials
  • Skylights and building materials